‘Lighting a Fire’: Finding inspiration in December

This post is by Associate Professor Evonne Miller, Interim Director of QUT Design Lab, Queensland University of Technology. Don’t forget to follow and chat with us on twitter and Facebook – @superwhisperer and TheSupervisionWhisperers

“Education is not the filling of a pall, but the lighting of a fire”
W. B. Yates (1865-1939).


It’s nearly the end of a long year; thus, maybe like me you might need some inspiration. A reminder that – as educators – the essence of our role is leadership: to inspire, to disrupt and to be change agents, bravely lighting the fire that shows a new path.

So, together, let’s commit to our game-changer.
Let’s commit to ‘light that fire’*, in ourselves and our thesis students.

First, in terms of own professional development, what positive career risk can we take NOW – something that we may have been putting off? Whether it is emailing your Dean with news or an update (in a postive self-promotion way), submitting that paper to a top journal, learning a new data analysis technique or contacting a local policy maker about a meeting, let’s bravely foster positive change and light that fire of inspiration*.

Second, in terms of our thesis students, who do we need to contact?
What do we need to prompt them to do? What ‘fire’ can we help light in them?
Do they need a dose of motivation, perhaps through attending a conference, workshop or training course? Is there an article or utube video in their research space you could send them? Could they (or you) write about their research for the local paper, university website or finally tackle submit that challenging article that has been hanging around all year?  Should they embark on some media training, and then engage with the media around their research findings?

As we approach the end of the year, when we are feeling tired, let’s do something exciting that creates a positive “bang” of energy – for us and our students... what ‘fire’ are you going to light?  Please share your plans / actions below, and/or on twitter.

*Note, this is metaphorical. I would never advocate actual fire-lighting.

(Image is of candles)




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